Replacing your steels for alloys

Replacing your steels for alloys

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Some cars come with alloy wheels as standard, others usually offer it as an option from the factory. There are advantages and disadvantages of having alloy wheels over steel wheels and often people go for them purely for the look and style that they add to the car.

If you damage a steel wheel, you may actually find that it’s a good time to replace your steels with alloys. Alloys wheels can be picked up for as little as £50 for a set of four if you are willing to hunt round scrap yards for a day or two.

Make sure that you either swap any good tyres you have on your steels on to the new alloys or that they tyres that are on the alloys are not only well within the legal tread limit but also free from damage.

You may be required to inform your insurance company if you do decide to put alloys on your car as some insurers will count this as a modification.

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