Tyres – Quality vs Cost

Tyres – Quality vs Cost

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When it comes to tyres you are often presented with a number of makes to choose from ranging vastly in price. New tyres often start from around £30 for budget tyres (depending on the size) upwards of £150 per tyre. You may also be able to get part worn tyres for your vehicle which can start at around £15-£20 each.

When deciding what tyres to fit to your car you need to consider a few points. Firstly how much do you drive the car and in what circumstances or conditions. If for example you do a lot of motorway driving and high miles then you will want tyres that are going to last so part worns, for example, may not be suitable. If you drive the car or van a lot in the winter months then you should consider either a winter tyre for this period or a good quality all round tyre.


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