Renting a car for your wedding

Renting a car for your wedding

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If you are looking to hire a wedding car then you will need to decide if you want a classic car or if you want a more modern executive car or sports car. Some wedding car hire businesses have a number of different types of vehicles and often they are on display so you can go and look at them. If you are getting married in the UK then you may have to consider carefully before hiring a soft top car. Think about what you would do if it was raining and you have to have the hood up, would you still be happy with it?

Before you commit to hiring a car for your wedding, be sure to check all the terms and conditions carefully. Find out if the price you have been quotes will cover all your journeys such as from home to church then to your reception and what would happen on the day if the car broke down or was in an accident – do they have a replacement vehicle that they would use?

A deposit may be taken and then full payment in advance of the big day. Be sure to confirm exact times with the hire company and check that they have directions to where you need to be taken to.

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