Renting a car for a long distance

Renting a car for a long distance

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If you need to drive a long distance, you may not feel that your car is suitable. It may be that you are not confident in it “making” the journey ok, mechanically, or you may need a bigger car if yours is quite small, to carry luggage. Sometimes people simply do not want to put the mileage on their own car.

If this is the case then you will need to look in to hiring a car. If you are planning on just using the car to get to the location then you will need to find a hire company that will allow you to leave the car at a dealership in the area you are going to. Places like Enterprise will often do this as they have branches all over the UK.

You will of course have to put fuel in the car and always be wary about excesses. Excesses can be a huge amount and before you turn down an excess waiver just double check the prices as often for as little as a few pound a day, it is well worth taking out the waiver.


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