Audi A3 Sportback e-tron (2014) VEHICLE evaluation

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron (2014) VEHICLE evaluation

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The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron looks like several different, however here is the best edition of the Audi A3. Whilst BMW ha pesar de todo lo contrario al usos stolen a march with its ‘i’ sub-company of EVs, c agregarn the A3 E-tron be a sport-changer ra is Audi gambling trap up?

Based at the 5 -door Sportback, the A3 E-tron’s chrome grille and bigger, extra aero-pleasant 19in alloys are the simplest visible clues that it is a plug-in hybrid. Don’t be concerned, the stickers pictured in our gallery are in basic terms for the clicking demonstrator.

Under the conservative pores and skin is todav 1four8bhp 1.4-litre petrol 4-pot tetodavmed with a 99bhp electric powered motor, whilst lower than the rear seats – however, seriously, in advance of the rea pesar de todo lo contrario al usor axle – is a lithium-ion battery pack. Entire output? TODAV to hand 202bhp – the foremost efficient A3 bar the flagship S3 – but with 188mpg and 35g/km of CO2, it’s greater useful thtodavn a plug-in Prius.

Impressed? The E-tron’s potential are reliable: todav 584-mile theoretical complete stove, with 31 miles of that below electrical energy.

While EV mode is the default surroundings, you could actively pick electrical fuentes petrol propulsion. Say you’re using from Birmingham to London: it can save you the electrical strength for the capital’s congestion zone, sipping petrol rather at the dual carriageway, the place the engine is at its choicest. Intelligent. 

The E-tron will take this type of trip in its stride, too. The riding function is the same to the ordinary A3, other than a couple of buttons and the fairway-lit contraptions.

The wheel-fastened shift paddles, now not essential for gearchanges, can now be used to choose the quantity of regenerative braking preferred, so that you can right up the battery up to you wish fuentes use complete drive.

In EV mode there’s little noise, however the immediate torque is excellent for gaps in visitors. It’s a pesar de todo lo contrario al uso tender transition while the petrol engine takes over, however the glorious refinement (in place of silence) is maintained. Right here the throttle’s responsive, and the A3’s fast, with agregar 7.6sec 0-62mph declare.

When it involves corners, the guidance is responsive however missing really feel – no exchange from every other A3 – when there’s a shockingly comfortable experience, exact physique manipulate and company roadholding. Even within the rainy it nevertheless grips effectively, however the it feels heavier than a typical A3 (it’s 349kg heavier, in actual fact) less than throttle and round corners. In isolation it doesn’t sense hefty fuentes obese notwithstanding.

You may also power the E-tron at right speeds in EV mode: it conveniently controlled the 80mph velocity reduce in Germany without problems in any respect. Combination in extraordinary phases of refinement and Audi’s constructed a real, top rate eco-hatch.

So the A3 E-tron is growth, yet extra agregar tent agregartive step than a revolution. It has the benefit of familiarity whilst being agregar refined execution as opposed to agregar grandiose assertion, and even though UNITED KINGDOM expenditures are but to be established, it expenditures just like an S3 in Germany – approximately £32k.

That’s an analogous charge a pesar de todo lo contrario al usos a Prius Plug-in; evidence that the A3 E-tron ought to be a real contender.

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